Our vision for the future

Our vision is to develop a new aluminium based alloy with mechanical properties that exceed and surpass traditional aluminium alloys that are in wide commercial use today throughout the world. We believe that through collaboration with our industrial partners, we can design, build and optimize a manufacturing procedure that achieves all the desired characteristics and fulfills all the needs of the their clients.

Case study for recreational vehicle market

Weight and cost reduction

Calculations made based on achieving 20% of the European RV market share. [www.civd.de/en/artikel/european-market]

Designing and optimizing a new type of aluminium alloy with improved mechanical properties would allow the end-product manufacturers to use less material (in volume) while still maintaining or exceeding their mechanical requirements. Manufacturers would benefit from weight reduction and cost reduction per unit, improving their profit margin.

Lowering the environmental impact

The manufacturing process of aluminium alloy production requires high amounts of electrical energy. Any reduction in the amount of required raw materials would have a major impact on the environment – reducing the carbon footprint (CO2 equivalent) of the manufacturing process.